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Our Solutions: Unlock the Power of Mobile Learning with OwnMentor.

At OwnMentor, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of innovative mobile learning solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your organization. We work closely with you to create customized learning apps that empower you to develop essential skills and tackle real-life challenges in the flow of work.

Explore our mobile learning solutions below and discover how OwnMentor can revolutionize your organization's learning and development strategy.


Key Features

  • Tailored to your organization's learning needs

  • Highly engaging, interactive learning experiences

  • Platform agnostic: iOS, Android, and mobile web compatible

  • Scalable and easily updated to stay current with your evolving needs

Custom Mobile Learning Apps

Our custom mobile learning apps provide an engaging and interactive learning
experience tailored specifically for your organization. With our expert team's guidance, you can transform your existing learning programs into powerful app-
based solutions that are accessible to employees anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

  • Collaborative design process with facilitated UX workshops and hackathons

  • Expert guidance on app design, functionality, and user experience

  • Seamless integration with your existing learning management system (LMS)

  • Ongoing support and updates to ensure your app's continued success

Learning App Development & Design

OwnMentor offers end-to-end design and development services for your mobile learning apps. We partner with you through every step, from initial concept to final implementation, ensuring your app aligns with your organization's learning goals and provides maximum value for employees.

Key Features

  • Flexible, customizable app templates

  • Intuitive design for quick adoption

  • Tool-based coaching for real-time skill development

  • Proven, measurable benefits and ROI

Leverage our suite of white-label app solutions, designed to address common organizational learning challenges. Our white-label apps can be easily adapted to
your unique requirements, providing tool-based coaching and in-the-moment problem-solving for employees across your organization.

White-Label App Solutions

What Makes a Best Practice Learning App

Apps for Learning have evolved tremendously in the last 12-18 months and the trend now is to deploy Apps as the learning vehicle for interactive learning, topic by topic. With App design we have observed that there are four success factors of increasing levels of sophistication for deployment of successful app based interactive, bite-sized learning.

Key Factors in a Best Practice Mobile Learning Apps


The development of bite sized learning with apps has enabled us to build powerful program follow up mechanisms and create tools that can be used in the moment and on the job to solve real life challenges and further embed learning. Intuitive menu options help users access the learning they need quickly and in the moment.


In designing and developing client learning apps the focus is on taking static learning and materials and translating these into an interactive learning journey.


The App format enables us to provide users with practical tools they can use on the job.


Users learn in the moment the capabilities they need, with the support of the app processes to coach them through real life opportunities and challenges.

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