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Instant Access to Human Skills at Work - for everyone - without Training

How do we provide people at work with instant access to skills without training? Delve into the prototype approach below.

These applications are project prototypes. No personal or other data is captured or saved. Once you exit the session all information is lost. Prototypes may sometimes generate errors or unexpected responses. There is currently a daily individual usage limit in place to help manage server costs.

Contact for a discussion about how to tailor and develop these and many other AI tools for your organisation.

Prototype restrictions

Due to server limits you can only access one application at a time. If too many users are accessing the same tool simultaneously you may still get an error (wait 30 seconds and try again)

Let me know if you encounter any unexpected errors or other difficulties.

Email me   

Customised Solutions

Actual applications designed around your learning priorities offer a significantly more curated experience to the user, with interactive interfaces and additional tools and resources depending on your own requirements.


Take a closer look at the full app experience with instant access to hiring manager interview skills.


Download the pdf guide here 

Sitting with Notebooks

Get instant career coaching and guidance

Meeting at the office

Prepare for a difficult or crucial conversation

Before the interview

Practice for your next job interview

Job interview

Prepare to interview someone


Not feeling engaged or motivated?
Get support and create a plan

Team Meeting

Facilitate a meeting or a group problem solving

Business Discussion

Seek feedback

At the Meeting Room

Push back and say 'No' to manage priorities

Mentoring Program Guidance

Get expert advice on how to be a better mentor or how to ensure maximum value as a mentee

Business Consultation
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