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OwnMentor Hire

OwnMentor Hire: Expert Interview Skills at Your Fingertips

Introducing OwnMentor Hire, our mobile app designed to elevate your hiring process by transforming the way you conduct interviews.


With a focus on delivering an expert interview skills toolkit, OwnMentor Hire simplifies and streamlines the hiring process for hiring managers and HR professionals alike.


Explore how OwnMentor Hire can be customized as a white label solution to meet the unique needs of your


Discover the OwnMentor Hire Advantage

Experience the power of OwnMentor Hire and elevate your hiring process today.

Contact us to discuss customizing OwnMentor Hire as a white label solution for your organization.

Revolutionizing your Interviewing Processes

  • Job Description & Recruiter's Brief Generation: Easily create accurate job
    descriptions and recruiter's briefs by profiling the motivations, attitudes, skills, and knowledge (M.A.S.K.) required for each role.

  • Smart Interview Question Generation: OwnMentor Hire's advanced algorithms
    generate the perfect interview questions based on the M.A.S.K. profile, providing you with an interview structure and evaluation template.

  • Consistent, Bias-Free Hiring: Leverage the best practice tools provided by OwnMentor Hire to ensure consistency, eliminate bias, and guarantee a fair hiring process.

  • Zero-Integration, Agile Mobile App: OwnMentor Hire requires no complex
    integration and is available on iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to all hiring managers and HR professionals.

Empowering you to Make the Right Hire

OwnMentor Hire offers a powerful set of features designed to help you make the
best hiring decisions, every time.


Hover over this box to discover how our app can revolutionize your interviewing process...

Our Customization Process Includes:

  • Brand Integration: Incorporate your organization's logo, colors, and visual identity into the app.

  • Custom Features & Functionality: Adapt OwnMentor Hire's features to align with your organization's unique hiring process and requirements.

  • Ongoing Support & Updates: Receive dedicated support and regular updates to ensure the app continues to meet your organization's evolving needs.

Customize OwnMentor Hire for Your Organization

OwnMentor Hire can be tailored as a white label solution to match your organization's branding and specific requirements, creating a seamless user experience for your hiring team.


Hover over this box to view what our customization process includes...

Take a closer look at a customisable version of the OwnMentor Hire app, download the pdf:

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