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Team Development

We design and facilitate offsite and onsite team development workshops, including: 

Strategy workshops

Enabling better collboration

Managing successful change

Cross team collaboration

Enabling innovation and creativity

Building high trust teams

Facilitating re-engineering, Agile or process improvement initiatives 

Facilitating intensive feedback

Creating team purpose and identity

Measuring team performance

Shaping team vision and values

Developing Vision, BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and team purpose, identity, values and goals

Building teamwork capabilities

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Team development

These programs build on core coaching skills for leaders, talent management and employee engagement programs and use the latest team and individual profiling tools to encourage mutual understanding.


Team building is about Team Excellence, rather than just team games in isolation. It is those efforts in which a team studies its own process of working together and acts to create a climate that encourages and values the contributions of team members. Their energies are directed toward problem solving, task efficiency, and maximizing the use of all members' resources to achieve the team's purpose. 

Great team building recognizes that it is not possible to fully separate one's performance from those of others. Powerful teams of people working collaboratively and towards organisational goals are critical for organisational success.

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Objectives for High Performance Teams

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Demonstare exceptional levels of openness, trust and constructive confrontation

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Actively seek feedback, individually and as a team

Image by Scott Graham

Create psychological safety

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Share a passionate purpose, a clear sense of identity and awareness and respect for the shared values of the team​

Team Meeting

Know where they are coming from and where they are headed with clear stakeholder level outcomes and action plans

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Have robust data for how the team is performing and their opportunities and strengths both individually and as a team



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