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With many years partnering with global organisations, our team has the talent and expertise to take your people development to the next level.


At OwnMentor, we combine our insights and experiences of working with many industries to transform your learning strategies, to hire, retain and develop your talent using the latest technologies.

White Label Apps

Core Solutions








Leverage a suite of powerful smart mobile tool-kits adapted to your unique requirements, these apps provide solutions to ensure you select the best fit talent for the job, successfully build engagement in your teams and inspire and motivate your people in their own self-development.


Designed for in the moment problem solving and personal development, for users everywhere, these tools are intuitively designed and solve real business problems, with proven measurable benefits and unbeatable returns on investment.

Design and Develop

Achieve Your Goals








We examine the challenges you are facing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and we partner with you to strategize using the latest smart technologies in order to build unique people development and problem solving tool-kits for your business.


Bringing best practices in design thinking we will collaborate with your teams to design and develop optimal solutions. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.


The OwnMentor

Intelligent Learning Approach

The OwnMentor

Intelligent Learning

Hiring Skills ToolKit

The OwnMentor Intelligent Learning Engagement at Work Toolkit

What Makes a Best Practice Learning App

Apps for Learning have evolved tremendously in the last 12-18 months and the trend now is to deploy Apps as the learning vehicle for interactive learning, topic by topic. With App design we have observed that there are four success factors of increasing levels of sophistication for deployment of successful app based interactive, bite-sized learning.

Key Factors in a Best Practice Mobile Learning Apps


The development of bite sized learning with apps has enabled us to build powerful program follow up mechanisms and create tools that can be used in the moment and on the job to solve real life challenges and further embed learning. Intuitive menu options help users access the learning they need quickly and in the moment.


In designing and developing client learning apps the focus is on taking static learning and materials and translating these into an interactive learning journey.


The App format enables us to provide users with practical tools they can use on the job.


Users learn in the moment the capabilities they need, with the support of the app processes to coach them through real life opportunities and challenges.

Design Thinking Workshops and Hackathons

How We Design Your Apps

We work with you to run facilitated UX design workshops and hackathons to help your teams explore the organisational learning needs, pain points, challenges and opportunities.


Guiding your teams through understanding the user needs, defining core user groups, incorporating the customer voice, story-boarding the user experience and prototyping, we help you rapidly identify the best approaches to designing and developing your own in house learning apps.


Working with our development team in India, we will then help you design and code these best practice solutions for high user engagement, driving real on the job in the moment learning.

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